Does the wrapper work with Firefox


I have encountered two problems in using the VE Wrapper for Silverlight.
First: I cannot get it to display the map when viewing with Firefox. I have created a very simple application which demonstrates this problem and placed it at http://www.lamartinsoftware.com/SilverlightVEWrapperTest/
Second: If I have Script Debugging enabled in Internet explorer, I occasionally receive the error message " 'null' is null or not an object" when I click on the map (in a much more complicated application), and there is no way to get out of the "Do you want to Debug....." loop other than to stop the IE application in Task Manager. If Script Debugging is disabled, everything works fine.
I use VS 2008, and have captured the offending code, which is "var g=c". The file is mapcontrol.ashx?v=6.1, and is generated on the fly by VS.
The code block the offending code is in is
Gimme.ext.iterate=function(b){var c=this.entities,a,e=c.length;for(a=0;a<e;a++){var d=g(c);b.call(d,a)}b=null;return this};Gimme.ext.getStyle=function(a,n,e){var b=this.entities[n||0];if(a==="opacity"){var d=k(b);if(isNaN(d))a=d;else return d}if(e!==false)e=true;var c="";if(typeof document.defaultView!=="undefined"&&typeof document.defaultView.getComputedStyle!=="undefined")c=document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(b,null);else if(typeof b.currentStyle!=="undefined"){c=b.currentStyle;var g=c;if(g==="auto"){if(a==="height")return (b.clientHeight||b.offsetHeight)+"px";if(a==="width")return (b.clientWidth||b.offsetWidth)+"px";if(a==="top")return b.offsetTop+"px";else if(a==="left")return b.offsetLeft+"px";else if(e&&(a==="right"||a==="bottom")){var f={bottom:["top","Height"],right:["left","Width"]},l=parseInt(this.getComputedStyle(b,f[0],false),10);return b.parentNode["client"+f[1]]-b["offset"+f[1]]-l+"px"}else return "0px"}
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IanBlackburn wrote Aug 18, 2008 at 9:13 AM

VIEWS does work fine in FireFox - you can see this at http://theamazingalbumcoveratlas.org/ which uses VIEWS. However I have tried your test page and can see that the map is not showing - I would guess that this is to do with CSS rather than VIEWS - could you check the styles and see if there are the problem there?

Regarding the JS error message - this is the VEMap that is throwing the error, and is not directly related to VIEWS. I have seen this on sites that just use VE with js. Hopefully it will be fixed with the next update to VE, but at the moment, I don't think there is anything we can do in regard to VIEWS.

Sorry I couldn't be more help...



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